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Updated:  Jan. 2001
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 Feng-shui (pronounced fung-shway) came from the chinese words FENG (wind) and SHUI (water). It is an ancient Chinese art of placement of furnitures or objects to create balance in one's life. In other words, creating a harmonious environment. It is said that energy is carried by wind and retained when it hits water. Fengshui is also the study of time, space, and people. It is not a religion.

Fengshui is increasingly becoming popular in today's society all over the world. In fact, there are many books out there about this ancient Chinese art that it is not surprising to have conflicting informations on how to practice fengshui. One author alone came out with several books on fengshui. Each teacher or author has different ways of presenting it. And the more you read, the more you get confused.

With the popularity of fengshui emerged the "wannabe" fengshui practitioners who are out to make a quick buck from vulnerable persons. These "wannabes" would sell you 'cures' at staggering price in addition to their fee. I would advise readers to please BEWARE.  Authentic fengshui 'cures' are usually represented by the five elements (water, wood, metal, earth, fire)and do not cost much. You might actually already have them in your house such as metal pendulum clock, plants, aquariums, coins etc.. These objects probably just need to be placed in proper location depending upon the flying star chart of the house.   

There are two schools of fengshui, the "Form School" and the "Compass School." The "Form School" is basically about the four symbolic animals. The crimson bird is in front of the house, the turtle sits in the back, the tiger is on the right, and the dragon is on the left from the inside looking out the facing direction of the house.

The Compass School can be divided into two i.e. East/West System (8 Mansions) and Flying Star System. This site will only cover the 'Compass School' focusing primarily on the Flying Star System . There are many books out there on 'East/West' System that I feel there is no need for me to talk about it.

However, to give readers an overview of this system, there are 8 types of houses. A house is divided into 4 good and 4 bad sections. The person's year of birth is calculated to come up with the person's 'gua' number. This 'gua' is used to find the individual's suitable direction.

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